Märzen Lager: A smooth, malt-rich, amber-orange German lager. It is complex, yet easy going, with a dry finish which encourages another sip. ABV 5.2% 20 IBU

Elderflower Golden Ale: A crisp, light-bodied golden ale with a floral elegance from the addition of Elderflower, complimented by fruity aromatic hops. ABV 4.5% 18 IBU

Schwarzbier: A flavourful, light-bodied, German-style black lager. Moderate chocolate-coffee flavours balanced with a complimentary hop bitterness. ABV 5.2% 20 IBU

English Best Bitter: An amber ale with soft, malty, caramel flavours, backed by a moderate bitterness, and traditional floral aromas from East Kent Goldings. This is a flavourful, yet refreshing ale. ABV 4.5% 28 IBU

The Pitter: Capturing the best characteristics from an English Bitter and a Brown Porter, this adventurous hybrid results in a full bodied ale. A roasty, nutty, toffee richness with a supporting hop flavour. Low carbonation makes this beer smooth and easy drinking, but with a complexity that you’ll want to savour. ABV 5.2% 29 IBU